Paul S. Berger, Attorney at Law

30 Years of Experience Inside the Court of Appeal
Appellate Consultation and Brief Writing

Expert Assistance for Attorneys

  • Appellate Consultation
  • Appellant's Opening Brief
  • Respondent's Brief
  • Motions to Augment the Record
  • Petitions for Review
  • Points and Authorities
  • Trial Briefs
Paul Berger, Appellate Specialist

Unique Expertise in California Appellate Law and Procedure

Paul's extensive background and experience has exposed him to the innermost workings of the California Appellate Court system.   He has worked closely with several justices at two districts of the Court of Appeal, enabling him to offer valuable advice on whether your  judgment is likely to be affirmed, reversed, or modified.   Paul can also offer helpful guidance in organizing, editing or writing your brief to maximize the results for your clients.   Finally, he can instruct you on how to organize and present your oral argument. 

Why A Second Career?

Paul recently retired from state service after 30 years of serving as personal chambers attorney for a variety of justices at the Court of Appeal in San Francisco and Sacramento.  He also spent 6 years as a trial lawyer for a small San Francisco law firm.  He has consistently won the highest accolades from his colleagues and from all Justices under whom he has served.   Paul will use his unparalleled appellate skills and expertise to assist lawyers who are contemplating an appeal or are involved in an appeal in any district of the California Court of Appeal or before the California Supreme Court.